Tree Stump Removal

Serving the communities of Wayne, Franklin Lakes, Oakland, Pompton Lakes,
Pompton Plains, Pequannock,  West Milford, and Ringwood NJ Since 1947

Following a tree removal, many homeowners opt to remove the remaining stump below-grade for purposes such as expanding the lawn area, planting a new tree, construction or paving.  In addition to beautifying your property, this may also prevent an infestation of ants and termites at the site in the long term.

We have two different pieces of equipment to meet your stump grinding needs. Our smaller machine can fit in tight spaces such as through fence gates and backyards; our larger machine can handle wider, deeper stumps.  We have removed stumps up to 12 feet in diameter, and have the ability to grind down as far as 18 – 20” assuming there is no rock bed or metal underneath the tree.

Pricing subject to size, depth, and soil conditions in surrounding areas.  Stump grinding chips are left on side and may be used for mulching around plants, trees, and shrubs. These can be removed for an additional cost.