Tree Removal

Serving the communities of Wayne, Franklin Lakes, Oakland, Pompton Lakes,
Pompton Plains, Pequannock,  West Milford, and Ringwood NJ Since 1947

People may choose to remove trees from their property for a variety of reasons. You may desire to have more sun on your lawn, deck, pool, or garden area. Trees may become damaged or diseased and pose a threat to people and property. Removing a tree may also be necessary for new construction, driveway paving, pool or septic installations. If intrusive, fast growing trees are inhibiting the growth of other trees, they may also be removed.

R&W Tree Experts takes great care when removing trees from your property. While some trees may be removed using a crane or bucket truck, we also specialize in removing trees by hand – which may be necessary in certain locations if vehicle access is limited. The process begins by removing the canopy of the tree. In the event of manual removal, the company utilizes a rope and pulley system to avoid damage to the underlying area. When possible, we will remove any valuable objects – bird baths, fountains, furniture – from below the tree to insure it is protected and that the working area is safe.

As brush and smaller limbs are removed from the canopy, they will be lowered to the ground and removed via wood chipper. Larger branches and the trunk will be removed in various lengths and cut into smaller pieces on the ground. These pieces may be left on site for your own use, or removed off your property. All our ground workers wear proper safety equipment, including hardhats.

Please note that certain towns require that the property obtain a permit before removing a live tree. Please check your local ordinances online before choosing to remove a live tree from your property.