Tree Cavity Filling

Serving the communities of Wayne, Franklin Lakes, Oakland, Pompton Lakes,
Pompton Plains, Pequannock,  West Milford, and Ringwood NJ Since 1947

Trees sometimes develop cavities or holes, which over time can damage the strength of the tree.  This is common with storm damage.  R&W follows a very intentional process for filling a cavity when necessary.  Our climber will begin by removing any water or debris from the hole, shaping it with a chainsaw and/or chisels. At our discretion, the damage may be allowed to air-dry and heal naturally.  Some larger, deeper cavities can be filled with foam or (usually) cement, so that the tree can heal properly and prevent further rot.

In unique circumstances, we may install a drain at the bottom a tree crotch to prevent the collection of water and subsequent damage.